Our Founder

With 30 years’ experience in sales and management, my renewed approach to soulful living has enabled me to deliver a uniquely positive energy to real estate, and an unwavering faith in the value of integrity.

Throughout my 10 years within the real estate & property sector specifically, it has been highlighted many times from clients, both vendors and purchasers (and even fellow colleagues), that this is an industry that still has immense opportunity for growth and reinvigoration. Professionalism and transparency are so often lacking in the industry’s interactions with its customer, which is nothing short of disappointing given Selling and Buying property are by far the biggest choices people make in their lives.

Soulful Living Real Estate’s objectives are to offer equality and to remove arrogance and prejudice in every aspect of its business. As founder, my fundamental core values dictate that I guide people through the extensive and often emotive process of buying or selling, with proven strategies, an absolute openness, and a razor-sharp focus on the achievement of exceptional results.

Beyond an expert understanding of Real Estate guidelines and legislation, a strong work ethic and renowned reputation for always going the extra mile for my clients and team, underpin this authentic approach to real estate.

Kellie Saddington